Bodge Issue 2 (February 2021)

from Liverpool Arts Lab

The second issue of Bodge is here! While electronic copies of the magazine are available, we've also produced physical copies. You can read Bodge in full-colour A4 or even use it as an impromptu coaster - don't try that with a PDF! 32 more pages of spells, incantations, sigils, stories, provocations and invitations.

Contributors: Kate Alderton, Hellen Allmark, Aunty Bob, Authenticator IX, Katy-Anne Bellis, The Bricklayer, Tom Calderbank, Clamjamfrie, Lurker le Cur, The Discordian Dungeon Master, The Door, Empty Cup, F. Ewe, Eye of the Storm & Eye of the Beholder, The Fire and The Pot, The Grain of Sand, Anwen Fryer, Hubert Huzzah, The Librarian, Lovebucket, Jane MacNeil, Eric Maddern, Judy Mazonowicz, Moksha, Dai Owen, The Procrastinator, Will Helm Rightly, Larry Sidorczuk, Slim Smith, The Synergist, The Walker, Ivor Way

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